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Obituary for Florence McFalls

Florence McFalls, 95, passed directly from the home that she dearly loved at 109 Williams Street, Groton, NY to the home in Heaven that she loves even more at approximately 9:37 AM, October 24th, 2019.

Florence was born in rural North Carolina, August 1, 1924, to beloved parents Margaret and James McFalls. She received no formal education, but grew to be more knowledgeable and wise in the things that truly matter than many human beings who receive the highest degrees and accolades from the most renowned institution of higher learning. She earned her doctorates in loving God and in loving everyone around her, and employed both doctorates to an absolutely astonishing degree.

Flo could read some words, but not quickly or accurately enough to read with comprehension. Yet, for many, many years, night after night after night, she would sit with a close friend, struggling to read the book she loved the most – the Bible. Although her love of God was in many ways clearly serious business, Flo was also richly blessed with a great sense of humor. Even on the day before she died, she repeatedly employed her quick verbal responses to generate awe and laughter. Flo had hobbies. She liked studying books and magazines that had pictures in them, especially pictures of animals and flowers. She loved watching birds, rabbits, deer, and other wild animals that lived in our outdoors. She loved to stop along the road where cows were grazing, and she loved to interact with those cows. She loved putting together puzzles. She loved playing games with others in which she could throw the dice. She loved growing plants, and if “a zest to grow” means anything at all, even plants loved her. Flo liked to watch old television series, and loved to listen to many types of Christian music. She loved to cook. Meatloaf and barbequed chicken were her signature meals. She loved to help others as they cooked their meals, as well. She loved to socialize with fellow participants in the Fingerlakes Physical Therapy Senior Class. When, after Flo fell a year ago, and the professional people who were trying to engage her in occupational and physical therapy asked her what she liked to do the most, she said that she loved to clean. Indeed, her employment career was in the field of housekeeping, to the delight of all those who were the recipients of her stellar services.

Flo was preceded in death by her parents and by her siblings – James, David and Dan; by “Ma” and “Pa” Bassett (parents who later fostered her) and by many other loved ones to whom she became related when, 43 years ago, she chose the 107th Psalm Christian Family to be her family here on earth. She is survived by over a hundred members of that Family and its extensions, in whose hearts she will continue to live and shine brightly, until they join her in her new home.

A Memorial Service will be held “right next door” at Zirbel Funeral Home Saturday, November 9th, at 1:00 PM. Memorial gifts may be sent to the 107th Psalm Christian Family, Inc., 109 Williams Street, Groton, NY 13073.