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Obituary for Thelma ""Dolly"" Chapman

Thelma “Dolly” (Slater) Chapman Nov 14, 1930 – Dec 18, 2018
Thelma passed away peacefully Dec 18, 2018 at Cortland Regional Medical Center, Cortland, NY at the age 88.
She was found apparently peacefully slumped over in her wheel chair and later passed.
As I (Patricia (Chapman) Isaacson and my husband Loren Isaacson visited and shared time with Thelma here in New York as well as in Florida we found her engaged in many different activities. She liked sewing, puzzles and was an advocate for making things for others through her help in the “Extension Homemakers” group in Sebring, Florida. And she had numerous ribbons from county fairs for sewing. And she finally in her last few years reached “Ham Radio” operator status. As well as the bookkeeper for her household over the many years for her husband Andrew’s businesses. Not to mention doing most of the routine household duties, which she did them with zeal. Hardworking! Also: She was a firm advocate for health and supplements from “Aim Products”. And like many of us she loved a hug and reading her Bible. Her favorite Hymn was In the Garden.
She took on a 6,000 piece puzzle in Florida over three winters with the help of her daughter Patty and she eventually finished it. It was posted in the Tampa newspaper and her local Sebring paper.
Patty and mom overcame estrangement and adversity and were able to hold hands and find each other through the maze we call life. Loren came into her life in 1973 and came to see a woman with likely learning issue but who had grit. She could forgive tough situations and had a tenacious capacity to stay the course regarding her ideals, beliefs and values.
The loss of David, Thelma’s only son, was a big blow to Thelma when he passed away Sep 1, 2016 with Cancer.
In late 2017 she developed dementia and had some difficulty keeping the dots together. Mom asked Patty to help manage her and dad’s finances and care in early 2018. Mom and Patty teamed up and like “hand in glove” made it through the year closer to each other than ever before. The challenges they faced were moving Thelma into Walden Place Assisted Living, moving Andy from Cortland Park Rehab Center into Walden Place with her, working with mom’s back fracture, pneumonia, hip fracture, permanent oxygen dependency, mom and dad’s growing dementia issue as well as selling their property in Florida and paying the bills. Mom was on the ball doing her best and Patty was her advocate.
Thelma is survived by her husband Andrew Jackson Chapman who is still handling his own at Beachtree Nursing Facility in Ithaca, NY. She is also survived by her only living child Patricia, McVille, ND. And grandson Micah J Chapman and granddaughters Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel along with seven great grandchildren. She will also be missed by many nieces and nephews plus their children. Thelma was proceeded in death by her father Ora Slater, mother Thelma (Sevier) Slater, brothers Reginald, Lester, George, Herbert, Bernard, James and her sister Shirley (Slater) Nelson.
PS: One interesting observation was her birth name being Thelma Slater and her mother’s name being also Thelma Slater. Mom was at times called “Dolly” while her mother’s middle name was Doris.